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Shopify: Our Go-To for Building Winning eCommerce Websites

At Buink, we're all about making eCommerce work brilliantly for you. Let's talk Shopify – it's our favorite tool for building online stores. Why? Because it's incredibly user-friendly and packed with features that make running an online business a breeze. We've been around the market, and time and again, we find ourselves recommending a Shopify website. It's not just a platform; it's a powerhouse that lets us create amazing online stores that really stand out.

At Buink, We Make Shopify Sing

Building an eCommerce site is a big deal. It's not just about throwing up some product photos and a shopping cart. It's about understanding your market, what your customers want, and how to use technology to bring it all together. That's where Shopify shines, and that's where we at Buink excel. We dive deep into Shopify's web toolkit to craft shopping experiences that are not just smooth but also engaging. We're talking about sites that make your customers come back for more.

Why We Love Shopify's Flexibility

In the eCommerce world, making changes to your site after it's live can be a real headache – and costly too. This is why setting the right foundation is key. With Shopify, it's built to grow with you, and that's a game-changer. We've got the skills to build your site right the first time and keep it running smoothly as your business evolves. It's all about creating a site that's as dynamic and adaptable as your business.

So, why Shopify?

Because it's the perfect mix of simplicity and power. We're not just building a store; we're creating an experience. Shopify's got everything – stunning templates, easy payment systems, top-notch security – and we know how to put it all together. At Buink, we're passionate about using Shopify to its full potential, building eCommerce solutions that don't just meet your needs but blow your expectations out of the water.

Shopify SEO: Getting Your Store to the Top

And here's something we can't overlook – Shopify SEO. You've got a great store, but how do you get people to find it? That's where SEO comes in, and Shopify is a champ at it. We at Buink are all about making your store not just visible, but a top contender on search engines. It's all about the right keywords, smart content, and making Google love your site. We've got the tricks and tools to boost your store's online presence, ensuring that when customers are searching for what you offer, it's your site they find first. With Shopify's SEO-friendly features and our expertise, we're talking about taking your store from just being online to being on top.

Featured Projects:

The following projects are all related to Shopify:

Website Development | Web Design Agency


We continued to do a lot of work for another design agency. Even though we’re a small company, our skills rival the best in the industry.  This work was mostly front-end development focused. It included Shopify and WordPress work, new landing pages, charts, page templates, data design, new Gutenberg blocks, responsive layouts, new components, navigation Read More: Website Development | Web Design Agency

Multiple Websites Development Projects | Web Design Agency


We continue to do lots of work for other bigger agencies. This work is mostly front-end, pixel perfect pages in Shopify and WordPress. Some of the work is adding structured data to make it easier for search engines to understand what a page represents. We’ve also integrated with third party providers like Klaviyo. In addition, Read More: Multiple Websites Development Projects | Web Design Agency

Web Development | Shopify Website | Web Design Agency


We continue to do work as a subcontractor for bigger agencies. In the last year we worked on multiple sites for Voltage including a nationwide restaurant, a supplement company, a Colorado university, a beauty supply company, a 5 star hotel widely known in the west, a health provider, and some internal projects. Most of this Read More: Web Development | Shopify Website | Web Design Agency

Website Maintenance & ADA Compliance | Web Design Agency

Image of Website We Did ADA Compliance Work On

We continue to do work for a local agency. We’ve worked on three different sites for them over the past couple months. Some of the work has been maintaining WordPress sites, but the bulk of the work has been getting these sites ADA Compliant.

Website Development | Shopify Website | New Features & Edits | Supplement Website

Author: Ben B. 12/20/19

Websites have never been easier to build without developer help then they are now. This is a good thing, it drastically lowers the cost to get online for a lot of small businesses! This client had put in the time to build a nice looking Shopify site but ran into some blockers when they tried Read More: Website Development | Shopify Website | New Features & Edits | Supplement Website

Website Maintenance | Shopify Development | ikeGPS


Although we didn’t build this site and we haven’t really written much of its code, we continue to maintain and update the site.

Ecommerce Website | Shopify Development | Clean Energy Website


This was a fun project and a little bit stressful. The fun was because I got to develop the Shopify theme from the ground up using the new Shopify Plus features, the stress was because they added several pages and features after I gave the them an estimate. We went a little over budget (it Read More: Ecommerce Website | Shopify Development | Clean Energy Website

Website Development | Shopify Development | Fjallraven


This project was basically complex theme hacking. I hate theme hacking because I have to deal with all the bugs/nuances of other people’s work without the benefit of being familiar with the whole codebase. It was fun to get a little more experience with Shopify. A couple challenges were getting the color thumbnails on the Read More: Website Development | Shopify Development | Fjallraven

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Cycle S.
Cycle S.
Buink generously helped us optimize our Google Ads for an upcoming community event. He expertly walked us through our dashboard making precise recommendations that helped us launch a successful campaign. Google Ads were much more difficult to get going than we anticipated, so we were very grateful for the advice.