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Unleash The Internet With Buink

Buink can help you unleash the power of the internet (via a website, web application, api, or mobile app) and help your business scale (via both technology and workforce) with...

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Code Butlers: Happy To Help

One of the guiding principles at Buink is to be a code butler. Although our dress is a lot less formal, our attitude should be no less helpful. The butler...

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Spoiler Alert: The Price of a Website is Shocking

I  have an interesting power as a web developer, with mere words, I can give people a horrifying condition called sticker shock. If you've never felt it, imagine a mix of the feeling that...

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The Hidden Cost of Poor Development

I've been doing contract development for about 7 months and I'm finally getting a good feel for what the market will pay for my services and skills. That said, I'm still surprised...

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Contractor VS. Employee: Who Dominates?

It seems like everyone is looking for web developers these days. Being a developer, I get lots of questions in these 4 categories: (1) my development skills, (2) my contractor rate, (3) my work...

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Is Offshore Development A Good Idea?

I recently passed my 1 year mark building Buink Web Development and thought it is about time to address one of my biggest competitors: offshore development. :) I say competitor,...

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The True Cost of Employees

I've been heads down, fingers coding, energetically building Buink for over a year with no time for writing. In truth, I've been barely keeping my head above water! We keep...

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Fixed Price Development Contracts Are Bad For Business

As a freelance web developer, the first question I often get from a new client is, "Can you give me a quote for X?" This is a great question and...

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What it Means to be an Engineer at Buink

There has probably never been a better time to be a software engineer. It seems like every day another big tech company is offering a new absurd perk that comes...

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