About Buink

Intelligent Web Development

Buink Web Development is a website development company founded in 2009. Although we still focus on web development, we also offer digital marketing services, web design, local SEO services, ecommerce website design, and custom logo design

Our value proposition: Buink can help you unleash the power of the internet and help your business scale with superior quality code at a competitive price and in a transparent, honest way. 

Buink’s Values

Values: quality, clarity, value, and respect 

Our passion is to help non-technical leaders achieve their technical goals. We do this by delivering a high level of quality, by communicating clearly, and by closely tracking spend to ensure we provide a competitive level of value.

Over the last decade we’ve helped our clients build SAAS companies from the ground up, stabilize unreliable systems, automate business processes, increase visibility in the marketplace, launch mobile apps, and maintain websites.

Buink’s Mission

  • Be inspired and inspiring.
  • Serve our clients’ success. 
  • Be a 10X better choice for non-technical leaders.
  • Deliver technical solutions that achieve business goals.
  • Strive for excellence in our field.
  • Enjoy life through work.

Buink’s Vision

Our vision is to help companies become venture capital funded, acquired, publicly traded, fortune 500, and household names. We’re proud to say with our development help, some of our clients have already become VC funded and acquired but we’ve yet to have a client become publicly traded, fortune 500, or a household name. Therefor, as we help you succeed, we also realize our vision.

Buink’s Principles

Crafting code is an art and a challenge. That is why we’ve spent years refining our guiding principles to deliver high quality, high value projects. All our contributors are vetted thoroughly to ensure they can meet our world-class expectations. By combining top-tier talent with our scalable capabilities, we’re poised to accelerate your business growth. 

Recommended Reading

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