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One of our core competencies is to help you scale development. This article dives into those capabilities and outlines exactly how we can help.

Scale Your Business

Have you ever seen a business plan that doesn’t expect exponential growth? If you’re going to achieve an exponential growth plan, you’re going to need your technology and workforce to scale with you. We offer four ways to help you scale your workforce and three ways to help you scale your technology.

Scale Your Workforce

We can scale your team in four ways: utilize powerful team technologies, implement better team processes, add people quicker, and fill out your team with fractional resources. Any one of these ways can accelerate your growth, and we can combine all four to help you ride a rocket ship.

Scalable Team Technologies

Everything starts with getting team members up to speed quickly and keeping them in sync. In an industry that expects new developers to take days to add value, we can do it in hours. We can also get them adding value with little to no training. We use a combination of proprietary and open source code to run your codebase with infrastructure-as-code. When we’re done, your team can spin up your codebase in minutes by running one command. They can see the code locally in an almost identical environment as your production server and they can start making changes immediately.

Scalable Team Processes

If you’re going to scale your team, you need robust processes that have been time tested. Some tough problems you’ll need to solve are (1) coordinating multiple developers from idea to production, (2) keeping changes independent of each other so you don’t have blockers, (3) preventing code conflicts that arise when developers are working on the same codebase, (4) understanding the value each developer is providing, (5) ensuring developers aren’t introducing security loopholes, and several more. We bring a unique version control process, coupled with an issue management process, and combined with a code review and quality assurance process that sets the foundation for you to scale.

Add People At Scale

As your business grows, you’ll find that the work piles up as you’re trying to hire, onboard, and engage new employees. Working with a company like Buink can flatten out the piles when your needs are high and slow down quickly when your new hire starts carrying their weight. We have a constant flow of top talent and we stand behind their ability to deliver quality and value. We vet all our technical resources to ensure that only the best of the best are working on your projects. We can find people faster and engage them quicker than you could on your own.

Scalable Fractional Team

When you’re small and growing, you can’t afford a full-time team of top talent. As revenue grows, you’ll be able to hire the perfect team, but you still need someone that can fill that role now. Buink can help by providing someone for a fraction of their time at a fraction of the cost. If you already have a killer full-time developer, let us add a fractional project manager to make sure your developer is always unblocked and adding value. Every team needs a good CTO, but they’re usually not your first hire because they’re expensive. We can engage one on your project for only the time you need. Fill out your team now with fractional resources.

Scale Your Technology

It isn’t cost prohibitive to start with the ability to scale before you need it, so why not start with the end in mind. We have a very affordable set of technologies that can help you scale your business, traffic, users, and servers.

Scallable Boilerplates

We’ve been maintaining and improving several boilerplate codebases built on open source foundations. These boilerplates are already optimized to scale. If we build your project from scratch, we leverage these proprietary boilerplates at no cost to you. Our code can scale from one visitor to millions, from one paying subscriber to millions, and from one dollar to billions.

Scale Servers Vertically

At first, you won’t want to waste money on large servers. Our default servers have enough resources (RAM, CPU, and storage) to service thousands of subscribers, but as you grow, you may need to quickly increase your server resources. We utilize cloud resources that allow us to scale your servers vertically at the click of a button. That means we can handle massive traffic spikes without giving visitors a dreaded busy signal. With the ease and affordability of hosting in the cloud, there is no need to get stuck on shared servers with high switching costs.

Scale Servers Horizontally

As your traffic and revenue increase, you’re not only going to need bigger servers, you’re going to need more of them. Because we setup your infrastructure-as-code by default, you can add servers easily when the time is right. Infrastructure-as-code means that setting up a new server requires little to no work, which saves you a lot of money on expensive DevOps engineers. Paying for DevOps engineers every time you need a new server isn’t scalable and it isn’t affordable. We’ve perfected scalable infrastructure and we can implement it for you at a very affordable cost.

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