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A continuous deployment GIT branching model

Author: Ben B. Ben B | 4/25/19

We’ve used multiple other branching models with some success, including the successful branching model but we found a better way for teams who need to deploy continuously. Benefits of the continuous deployment branching model: Allow all features from multiple team members to work their way to production simultaneously and continuously as they’re completed Minimize the Read More >>

Unleash The Internet With Buink

Author: Ben B. Ben B | 3/11/19

Buink can help you unleash the power of the internet (via a website, web application, api, or mobile app) and help your business scale (via both technology and workforce) with superior quality code (readable, forward thinking, minimal, intelligent), at a competitive price (even in a global market), and in a transparent, honest way. We’re code Read More >>

Won’t Plugins/Packages Help Reduce The Cost of My Website?

Author: Ben B. Ben B | 2/8/19

So, websites are expensive. What can be done to lower the price? Plugins? Packages? Open source? I had a call with a potential client yesterday, we’ll call him Joe. Joe asked about a site that was essentially a mix between Yelp and Reddit for a niche market. He wanted a “quick quote” on something like that. Not Read More >>

Principles and Guidelines For Contributors

Ben B | 1/7/19

The following Principles and Guidelines are outlined to help new contributors get up to speed quickly. The original title for this post was “New Contractor Training” and the purpose is still very similar. Principles Principles are fundamental propositions that can serve a foundation for a system of behavior. In other words, these principles will help Read More >>

What it Means to be an Engineer at Buink

Author: Ben B. Ben B | 12/14/18

There has probably never been a better time to be a software engineer. It seems like every day another big tech company is offering a new absurd perk that comes with employment. I’m not kidding, I saw an article on a company in China where developers get massages while sitting at their desk. It all Read More >>

Code Butlers: Happy To Help

Author: Ben B. Ben B | 4/20/18

One of the guiding principles at Buink is to be a code butler. Although our dress is a lot less formal, our attitude should be no less helpful. The butler is there to serve, to make life easier. The butler is faithful; they’re sure to complete all requests without being asked twice. The butler avoids Read More >>

The True Cost of Employees

Author: Ben B. Ben B | 12/20/17

I’ve been heads down, fingers coding, energetically building Buink for over a year with no time for writing. In truth, I’ve been barely keeping my head above water! We keep adding new clients and we keep delivering great solutions; all the while, I’m getting even more busy. About a month ago, I decided it was Read More >>

Testing In Angular

Author: Ben B. Ben B | 9/9/16

When talking with potential clients, I’m often asked about my experience building tests. Test driven development is a buzzword right now and there is a lot of differing opinions. Some developers want to test 100% of their code and others as little as 20%. The common thread is that everyone agrees that testing is important. The Read More >>