Guide to Tech Projects for Non-technical Founders

With all the opportunity to disrupt industries with technical innovation, are you capitalizing on it? Maybe you don’t consider yourself technical enough? Maybe you’re a business person/marketer/leader not a coder, web developer, technologist. No worries, download this guide for some tips and tricks that may help.

You don’t have to be a techie to take advantage of the technology run that is still going on. There are still many industries to disrupt and many opportunities to discover. Follow these tips and put them into practice and you’ll be able to enjoy the spoils as well.

Electric Metaphor

One of Jeff Bezos’ executives commented at that he couldn’t understand why Jeff was so calm when the internet bubble crashed. Jeff knew something they didn’t and what he knew turned out to be true. The internet isn’t a gold rush that makes some wealthy until the supply dries up. The internet is a horizontal enabling layer, like electricity, that will lead to innovation for the next 100 years.

If you don’t have a solid internet strategy about how your business is going to compete online, then you’re not thinking far enough ahead.

Whether you’ve started on your strategy or not, the these tips are going to help you be successful.

I’m sharing all my best tips!

I’ve spent the past 11 years learning how to complete technical projects successfully, on budget, and on time.

What I’m going to share with you, is the best of what I’ve learned. I’m not holding anything back.

Why? Because I haven’t written a book yet. 🙂 No seriously, these tips align with my own service offerings at Buink Web Development. So, you can follow these tips or we can do them for you. Either way, I guarantee you’ll be more successful with these.

Download the Guide to Tech Projects for Non-technical Founders