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At Buink, we're all about practical solutions and tangible results for IOS app development. When we first started working with JavaScript, we saw its potential beyond just web applications. Now, we're leveraging that potential to build iOS apps with native device functionality. It's not about jumping on the latest trend; it's about using the right tools for the job. Our focus has always been on delivering top-notch software development services that make a real difference.

Managing separate code bases for web and mobile? It's not just inefficient; it's a missed opportunity. That's why at Buink, we're more than just a website development company. We're problem solvers. We're here to help businesses streamline their digital platforms, ensuring consistency and reliability across the board.

But building a great app is only half the battle. It needs to be seen and used. That's where our other services like local SEO services come in. We don't just code; we strategize. We make sure your iOS apps are not only technically sound but also optimized for visibility. It's this combination of coding expertise and strategic thinking that defines our approach.

As you explore our projects, you'll see our dedication to craftsmanship and our commitment to excellence. This is iOS app development through the lens of a developer. Let's tackle challenges, find solutions, and drive results together.

Featured Projects:

The following projects are all related to IOS Development:

Budgeting IOS App Maintenance | TrueView

image of homepage for budgeting io app

TrueView’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable, a testament to the resilience and unwavering commitment of both teams involved. It all began when Otto LLC, now TrueView, sought out another developer for assistance. However, they quickly realized that the quality and value they had experienced with Buink Web Development were hard to find. Thus, Read More: Budgeting IOS App Maintenance | TrueView

Website Maintenance, Security, & Support | Otto


We’ve worked with Otto for many years and we continue to maintain, support, and add new features to both their web and IOS app. Many entrepreneurs underestimate the amount of support and maintenance that web and mobile apps need. One of the most costly items needing maintenance is integrating with third party data providers. This Read More: Website Maintenance, Security, & Support | Otto

Website Maintenance with IOS App | Otto


Most of our clients are happy with our work and opt to continue to have us maintain their web assets. Ottosave is no exception. We finished the majority of their application years ago, but we continue to add features and update the codebase.

Website Development & IOS App (reskin) | Otto


Defend Your Money rebranded their app as Otto and wanted an upgraded look and feel. This kind of a task is always a good indicator of how good your technological foundation is and I feel like ours passed with flying colors. We were able to reskin the web application and those changes automatically updated the Read More: Website Development & IOS App (reskin) | Otto

IOS App | Defend Your Money


This project was very fun and also very valuable for my client. We’d already built a web application and our client asked how hard it would be to create the same application on IOS. The answer is unfortunately harder then you’d think. That said, we’d used some cross-platform technologies in the past like Ionic, but Read More: IOS App | Defend Your Money

IOS App | IOS Development | Internet of Things Startup


On the heels of my last IOS app in React Native, I started this project in Ionic. The designs were already done and it was my job to implement them in a cost effective way. At first, the client pushed really hard to build this in Ionic 2 (using Angular 2). At the time, Angular Read More: IOS App | IOS Development | Internet of Things Startup

IOS App in React Native


Super fun project and very stressful! I’m usually the developer on all my projects but a new client had a supper quick timeline, “rocket speed” he said. I had a 4 weeks to locate some developers to help, design several views, and implement them in IOS. My first task was to decide on a technology to use. Read More: IOS App in React Native

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Cycle S.
Buink generously helped us optimize our Google Ads for an upcoming community event. He expertly walked us through our dashboard making precise recommendations that helped us launch a successful campaign. Google Ads were much more difficult to get going than we anticipated, so we were very grateful for the advice.