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If you're at all interested in web development, you've probably heard about HTML5. As a website development company, we know it's more than just a buzzword; it's the foundation of most of the web experiences we cherish today. We've been in this game for a while, and at Buink, we consider mastering HTML5 development as having a Swiss Army knife in your developer toolkit. It's versatile, powerful, and essential.

Over the years, We've had the privilege to work on a myriad of projects, and the one constant? The undeniable role of HTML5. Whether it's crafting pixel-perfect pages for platforms like Shopify and WordPress or integrating structured data to give search engines a clearer picture, HTML5 has been our trusty sidekick. It's not just about web design; it's about ensuring a site feels good, works seamlessly, and delivers an experience users will remember. And with our wordpress maintenance and website maintenance services, we ensure that experience remains top-notch.

Now, you might wonder, why all the fuss about HTML5? Well, a website is often the first interaction a customer has with a brand. And with our software development services, you can ensure that interaction is smooth, engaging, and memorable. It's the bridge between a brand's vision and its online presence, making sure every user, tech-savvy or not, gets the best experience possible.

As you scroll through the projects below, you'll see the magic of HTML5 in action. From e-commerce platforms to intricate web apps, it's the silent force making things tick. So, take a moment to review these projects, and remember, at the heart of it all is the power and potential of HTML5. And if you ever need to hire developers or seek the best seo agency for local seo services, you know where to find us.

The following projects are all related to HTML5:

Multiple Websites Development Projects | Web Design Agency


We continue to do lots of work for other bigger agencies. This work is mostly front-end, pixel perfect pages in Shopify and WordPress. Some of the work is adding structured data to make it easier for search engines to understand what a page represents. We’ve also integrated with third party providers like Klaviyo. In addition, Read More: Multiple Websites Development Projects | Web Design Agency

WordPress Website Development Refresh | Agency Work


We implemented a reskin for another agency. We had a very tight timeline but we were able to keep our client happy. The work was pixel perfect and looked great. The project never made it to production because of some issues with the agencies’ client, but it wasn’t due to our efforts. A lot of Read More: WordPress Website Development Refresh | Agency Work

WordPress Development | SAAS Marketing Website Refresh


Sometimes we do projects that were designed by other companies. That was the case with this website. The SAAS entrepreneur approached us about doing the build because code is our specialty. We do offer website design, but we’ve optimized our entire process around delivering high quality code at a good value. The code and website Read More: WordPress Development | SAAS Marketing Website Refresh

Web Application | Fintech


Piggybacking off our work with Defend Your Money, we built another web application for a financing company. The goal is to automate the whole funding pipeline, from application and underwriting to payment and pay off. We worked with the entrepreneur to create the designs and flows, and then implemented the designs as both front-end user Read More: Web Application | Fintech

Web Development | Shopify Website | Web Design Agency


We continue to do work as a subcontractor for bigger agencies. In the last year we worked on multiple sites for Voltage including a nationwide restaurant, a supplement company, a Colorado university, a beauty supply company, a 5 star hotel widely known in the west, a health provider, and some internal projects. Most of this Read More: Web Development | Shopify Website | Web Design Agency

Web Application Development | Front end development | Gaming Startup


We were approached by a very seasoned team working to deliver an app for serious Madden NFL junkies. The goal was to deliver a game changing front-end web app to help players find the perfect play quickly to crush their opponents. We loved working with a complementary team of code architects, back-end api developers, and Read More: Web Application Development | Front end development | Gaming Startup

Website Development | Shopify Website | New Features & Edits | Supplement Website

Author: Ben B. 12/20/19

Websites have never been easier to build without developer help then they are now. This is a good thing, it drastically lowers the cost to get online for a lot of small businesses! This client had put in the time to build a nice looking Shopify site but ran into some blockers when they tried Read More: Website Development | Shopify Website | New Features & Edits | Supplement Website

Website Maintenance | Web Application | Best-line

Author: Ben B. 4/30/19

We continue to maintain and update Best-line’s application, which increases their productivity and quality. One highlight of this project is the ease at which we’re able to add large structural changes to the data thanks to Laravel’s database migration and CLI functionality. For example, we recently did a major overhaul to how the system manages Read More: Website Maintenance | Web Application | Best-line

Cycle S.
Cycle S.
Buink generously helped us optimize our Google Ads for an upcoming community event. He expertly walked us through our dashboard making precise recommendations that helped us launch a successful campaign. Google Ads were much more difficult to get going than we anticipated, so we were very grateful... for the more
Dave G.
Dave G.
Buink is a great place to work, as well as a great place to have quality software written. I originally contracted Buink for some web development, and it worked out so well we began working together on many different projects. Definitely an honest transparent company that needs to be considered for... your software more
Dru M.
Dru M.
Ben’s a super responsive, thoughtful, sharp and all around great guy to work with. Excellent with his trade. I’d recommend him to anyone. Thanks Ben!
Craig A.
Craig A.
It was a pleasure to work with Ben and his team. It is rare to find such attention to high standards of coding and devops.
Lexi S.
Lexi S.
Grateful to have Ben and his team as such a capable, reliable partner for completing client work!
Tom S.
Tom S.
I reached out to Buink after finding Ben’s name in a local developer/consultant listing in 2017, and I have to say, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with Buink. Ben consistently understands not just the development task laid in front of him but the business application behind the task. I’ve... never felt more comfortable with a development team than I do with Buink. I truly feel Ben and his team are integral partners in the success of my more
Marilyn F.
Marilyn F.
I could not recommend Buink Web Development more highly. Ben and his team have recently developed a budgeting app for me (both web and IOS). I have had the opportunity of working with them for over a year and I am extremely happy with the results.I would say that the biggest plus for me is that I... trust Ben completely. From the very first, Ben has helped me make decisions that were in the best interest of my company. I have never felt like he is taking advantage of me. Ben does his best to keep the whole process very open and upfront. I have really appreciated that.I tell people all the time that I love my developers. And I do. I'm very happy that I chose to use Buink to develop my apps. It was the best business decision I could have made.If you are looking for someone to develop a website or app, I strongly suggest choosing Buink Web Development. They are fantastic!Marilyn Ference, President, Defend Your Money, LLCread more
James Landon B.
James Landon B.
Great company to help with all your web design needs!
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