Fjallraven Re-design

Ben B | 3/31/15

This project was basically complex theme hacking. I hate theme hacking because I have to deal with all the bugs/nuances of other people’s work without the benefit of being familiar with the whole codebase.

It was fun to get a little more experience with Shopify. A couple challenges were getting the color thumbnails on the quick view and product page to show product images instead of colors.

Since the last project I did on this platform, Shopify added the ability to organize theme options better. This ability came in handy because the client wanted to be able to edit almost all static content on all pages. Unfortunately, Shopify still doesn’t have the ability to allow the user to add custom data types in the admin, so I had to do it all in the theme options. Hopefully, custom data is coming soon, but for now, theme options are definitely working better.

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