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Over the past several months at Buink, our team has been hard at work on Herc-u-lift’s WordPress website maintenance, providing a range of services to enhance its functionality, improve user experience, and ensure optimal performance. Here’s a detailed summary of the key activities and accomplishments during this period:

Release Management

Our team managed multiple releases to deploy updates and improvements to the Herc-u-lift website. This involved addressing bugs, implementing new features, and ensuring a seamless deployment process for each version:

  • Successfully redeployed Herculift website, resolving a deployment failure bug.
  • Implemented releases addressing various issues and introducing new features.
  • Conducted thorough post-deployment checks, ensuring a smooth transition to the live site for each release.

Website Maintenance and Support Plan

Our commitment to maintaining the Herculift website goes beyond individual releases. We’ve established a comprehensive support plan, focusing on continuous improvement and future-proofing:

  • Conducted a review and cleanup of pending cards in the support plan, ensuring optimal task management.
  • Created new cards for future services, keeping the website updated with the latest features and improvements.
  • Reviewed and adjusted card assignments based on available time and priorities.

Bug Fixes and Error Monitoring

Identifying and addressing bugs is crucial for maintaining a flawless user experience. Our team diligently worked on resolving various bugs and monitoring errors to ensure the website’s stability:

  • Investigated and fixed issues related to video thumbnails, slider heights, carousel timings, and broken links.
  • Implemented error monitoring strategies for the past several months.
  • Conducted thorough reviews on both production and QA environments to identify and resolve issues promptly.

Security Audits and Updates

Ensuring the security of the Herculift website is a top priority for us. Our team conducted comprehensive security audits and implemented necessary updates:

  • Reviewed and cleaned up outdated user accounts, ensuring a secure user management system.
  • Implemented measures to protect branches in the code repository and conducted a review for potential vulnerabilities.
  • Reviewed database connections, tables, and values for sensitive data, enhancing overall security.

Continuous Improvement and Tech Updates

To keep the Herculift website technologically advanced, our team focused on regular updates and improvements:

  • Audited npm vulnerabilities, ensuring the use of secure and up-to-date packages.
  • Implemented updates to core components such as WordPress, plugins, and theme packages.
  • Upgraded Node.js and migrated to MySQL 8.0, enhancing overall performance and compatibility.


At Buink, our commitment to excellence is reflected in our detailed approach to WordPress website maintenance, bug resolution, security audits, and continuous improvement. The Herc-u-lift website now stands as a testament to our expertise in web development, code control, server management, and more. We are proud to have played a significant role in ensuring the success and reliability of the Herc-u-lift online platform.

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Cycle S.
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Craig A.
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Tom S.
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James Landon B.
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