Photoshop Related Projects

The following projects are all related to Photoshop:


Ben B | 5/16/13

This is an eCommerce theme I built for Magento. Some project highlights are that I did all the design and this was one of my first sites using some jQuery animation. I don’t typically do the design, but I do enjoy it and if a client is concerned about cost, I can combine some of the design and Read More >>

Ben B | 5/16/13

Buink is the development company I started after I graduated from BYU. I designed the site from the ground up. You’ll find a portfolio page of other websites that I designed or developed. Definitely check that out because I have several projects there that I haven’t listed on this website. In addition to the front-end, I also Read More >>

Other Previous Projects

Ben B | 1/1/13

I did several projects that I haven’t listed on this website. They can be seen here. They include a couple sites built in Magento, a couple built in Drupal, one built in dream weaver, and a couple more in strait HTML and CSS. I also did the design for all those sites and a couple Read More >>