We care for your Laravel app so you have more time to care for your business. All code on the internet requires regular updates, upgrades, security checks, and maintenance. Laravel is no exception. Our support plans make it easy to meet these requirements.

Hire an Expert Laravel Support Team

We’ve been building applications and APIs in Laravel since 2015 and after all these years Laravel is still our framework of choice. We’re not only experienced, we’re experts. When your Laravel App needs emergency updates, you’re going to be happy that you are working with professionals.

Depending on the package you choose,
you’ll get some or all of the following services:

Version upgrades The open source community is constantly improving Laravel. Get these new features with consistent upgrades.
Emergency fixes Have someone standing by to get you out of an emergency situation like server issues, hackers, or ransomware.
Updates The internet is constantly updating, your Laravel code should as well.
Security patches The best way to make sure your asset is secure is to keep it updated.
Bug fixes As your users grow, they'll notice issues that can be easily fixed if replicated.
Email support Our technicians are ready to answer all your questions efficiently and asynchronously via email.
Developer hours These hours are dedicated to keeping your Laravel project running smoothly.
Security audits A monthly, quarterly, or yearly review of security best practices on your project.
Error monitoring Catch errors the second your customers experience them and proactively fix them.
Code backups Control your code to make it impossible to be changed or lost in the event of a malicious attack.
Data backups Enjoy the ability to quickly restore your data in the event it is corrupted, changed, or lost for any reason.
Telephone support Connect with someone who can help you quickly over the phone.
Uptime monitoring Know when your site is up or if it ever goes down for any reason.
Support drills Scheduled practice drills where we run different scenarios to recover your site so we're ready if a need ever arises.

Fresh code is better than stale code. Code can get stale when no one is doing the following things regularly: building, updating, patching, upgrading, testing, auditing, fixing, monitoring, or adding features. The Dart Plan is perfect for keeping your code fresh as the morning due.


There are lots of risks online. Some that easily come to mind are ransomware and hackers, but there are also risks when your Laravel app gets out of date, like technical debt and inflexibility. Our Arrow Plan is a great hedge against risky business.


Tom S.
Vice President of Strategy

I reached out to Buink after finding their name in a local developer/consultant listing in 2017, and I have to say, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with them. They consistently understand not just the development task laid in front of them but the business application behind the task. I’ve never felt more comfortable with a development team than I do with Buink. I truly feel Buink and team are integral partners in the success of my business.

Marilyn F.

I could not recommend Buink Web Development more highly. Their team has recently developed a budgeting app for me (both web and IOS). I have had the opportunity of working with them for over a year and I am extremely happy with the results. I would say that the biggest plus for me is that I trust Buink completely. From the very first, Buink has helped me make decisions that were in the best interest of my company. I have never felt like they are taking advantage of me. They do their best to keep the whole process very open and upfront.

Let's Confirm Your Project Is Right For Us

If your project is built in Laravel, then that is a great start, but we need to talk shop a little bit to confirm our next steps; whether we can just switch on your support or if it may take a little work to get there.


The best offense is a good defense. We live in a weird world where you’re held liable if you get hacked. Don’t just hope for the best, invest a little each month in the security of your Laravel web asset. Our Bullet Plan should shoot a hole in the hackers plans.


Keeping your projects up-to-date makes it easier to add new features and pursue new innovative campaigns. There is nothing worse than having deadlines thwarted by technical debt. Our Missile Plan will help you hit your targets. Bulls eye!


It is nice to know that someone is available whenever you need them. Better yet, it is nice to know that they’re watching and improving your Laravel app every day. Sleep better and work more peacefully with our dedicated Lazer Plan.

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