Re-build – TrackingFirst

Team: Adam B. Shane N. Ben B. Ivan L. | 8/24/18

We’ve been working with TrackingFirst for some time now, fixing bugs and stabilizing their system. We inherited the code base originally and we helped them get from where they were to a place where they could actually raise 4 million in venture capital funding.

About 10 months ago, the in-house team decided it was time for a full re-build. I’m generally very hesitant to re-build. Lots of times, developers vastly underestimate the effort it takes and if you’re not careful, you just trade complex code base for another equally complex code base.

That said, in this case, I was open to it because there are lots of opportunities for improvement.

We’re now several months in and the new system is looking very good. We leveraged Laravel to help us organize the back-end code and we’ve totally separated the client using a Vue front-end.

The new site is much more robust then the old one and recently started using the site with beta clients.

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