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Team: Adam B. Shane N. Ben B. | 5/6/18

This is an ongoing project with a happy client.

Although we didn’t write the original code and didn’t do any of the design, we continue to add features and fix bugs. This system is easing the workload from executives by codifying much of the logic and many of the rules needed for custom shade manufacturing. It helps catch user error and improves the scalability of their business.

One highlight from this project is our ability to take complex business logic and simplify it in a way that allows future developers to both understand and make updates to what would otherwise be a very complex code base.

One part of the code that I’m particularly fond of is our ability to make dynamic manufacturing images (using svg). This uses manufacturing data to build a virtual shade. The code is written in a way that allowed an developer with no background on the project to add to and alter the image in a matter of hours. A feat that is quite unusual in our industry.

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